About Us


The PurePlay Story

PurePlay was founded in 2004 by two entrepreneurs who were frustrated with the unrealistic game play at multi-player online games sites. At most of these sites, players don't play competitively because there's no incentive to win and there's nothing at stake. At sites where there is an incentive to win, such as gambling sites, players can lose a lot of money. PurePlay's patented business model was developed to encourage people to play competitively without requiring them to risk losing money.

Today, PurePlay is the largest U.S. based online poker site, with millions of users, a strong online community, and one of the most fun and engaging poker experiences on the web. To see what our fans say, visit our Facebook fan page at:


The Anti-Gambling Site

PurePlay is committed to responsible game-play and is not a gambling site. Because we do not offer gambling, we make it impossible for players to lose money, but still provide an exciting and entertaining experience. Our goal is to maintain the thrill of online games while keeping it safe for everyone. We will be partnering with agencies, groups and associations to help promote safe and responsible game play, and to provide a conduit to assistance for those with gambling addictions.